Lending & Finance

Whether you are seeking finance for purchasing a residential or investment property VWM can assist you.

Residential purchase - we can assist you in:

  • determining how much you can borrow based on current financial commitments.
  • calculating the deposit you are likely to require.
  • identifying options to save for a deposit in the timeframe you set.
  • budgeting to cover your mortgage commitments when you have purchased your property.
  • reviewing and recommending appropriate protection.
  • assessing your estate planning requirements.

Investment purchase - we can assist you in:

  • analysing the options available to fund an investment property.
  • determining realistic amounts you can borrow based on your current financial commitments and plans.
  • Set a budget to cover your mortgage commitments.
  • Advise on strategies to minimise tax.
  • Review, recommend and organise appropriate insurance.
  • Recommend if you need to create or review your Will.