About Victoria Wealth Management Pty Ltd

Victoria Wealth Management has been entrusted with providing efficient personal service to our multi-generational clientele since our launch. We care for our clients and aspire to add value by presenting strategy based solutions tailored to meet your individual goals and objectives. We pride ourselves on developing excellent working relationships with our clients to provide comprehensive financial advice. Our training, knowledge, skills and dedication translate into high-quality advice assisting you to achieve your financial peace of mind and well being.

We offer simple financial choices for the issues that matter to you. You will always need to make financial decisions. Whenever this happens, it is great to know you have choices. You don’t have to think about all your tomorrows in one go – you can begin by deciding what’s important to you now.

Our focus is offering the help you need today and which can be built on in the future (to meet your future goals and objectives). We will do this by:

  1. Helping you working out your goals and current financial position.
  2. Guide you through deciding what's important to you now. Remember you don't have to think about everything in one go!
  3. Considering the right options and strategies for you and giving you our recommendations and advice.
  4. Showing you how to take advantage of features and benefits of the financial products you may already own.
  5. Taking the time to help you with any application process and paperwork.
  6. Helping you to stay motivated and focussed to achieve your financial goals.
  7. Before we get started, we let you know any costs up front and available payment options.
  8. Discuss the ongoing service options with you.

All VWM planners are members of the Financial Planning Association of Australia and comply with the association’s code of ethics.

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